Our Partners

HoneywellIndustrialFire is a division of HoneywellInternational. This company invents and produce decisions for really difficult industrial problems, which include global macrotrend problems (global safety, energy, and ecology). Industrial decisions of Fire & Gas correspond to certification SIL and also with highest service requirements.
Lead branch of Honeywell are aerospace, building, safety and production divisions.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions

Honeywell Maxon

Honeywell Maxon – it is equipment and spare parts for heating system.
Maxon is divide by:
• heating equipment with liquid source;
• heating equipment with low and ultra-low NOx;
• equipment for source consumption control.

Maxon is fitted for oil and gas, textile, construction, metallurgy, automotive, food industry and rural.

Honeywell Eclipse & Hauck.

Honeywell Eclipse & Hauck is provide gas heating system, also hydrogen, liquid, with term exchange systems, or even whole heating system.
Heating systems Eclipse is special, the cause has extended level with safety, reliability, efficiency, and stable heating for high and low-temperature processes for every industry division.
IMI Precision Engineering is one of the world's leading companies in the field of drive and hydraulic technologies. Everywhere where high precision, speed and technical reliability are required, the company offers exceptional solutions that increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers' machines and systems.
There is a sales and service network in 50 countries, as well as production facilities in the USA, Germany, China, India, Great Britain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil.
IMI Precision Engineering consists of subsidiaries such as: Norgren; FAS; Watson Smith Ltd; Bushjost; Herion KIP; Fluid Automation System; Syron; GT Development; Maxseal Thompson Valves; GHR; Absorption Media Tube; IMF
Det-Tronics has been providing proven flame detection, gas detection and hazard mitigation systems for high-risk processes and critical industrial operations worldwide since 1973. The company designs, manufactures and commissions certified SIL 2-capable flame and gas detection solutions. Det-Tronics products carry performance and safety certifications from globally recognized third-party testing agencies and approval bodies.
A global leader in fire- and gas-safety systems, Det-Tronics is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

Finder Pompe, originally established as Pompe Vergani, has gone through substantial changes in its over sixty years' life. In fact, from a small company operating in the heating and conditioning field, Finder Pompe has become one of the most interesting and dynamic company capable of providing engineered solutions to the Oil&Gas, petrochemical, power generation and industrial fields. The sales network of Finder extends to all continents, and covers over 75 Countries through local agents and distributors: it allows Finder to follow the requests and the needs of the customers swiftly, and to maintain a direct contact with them constantly. This network is supported by an aftermarket sales and service department which has also the responsibility of the spare parts sales. Finder's headquarters and manufacturing facility are based in Merate, Italy. All high-tech projects and pump systems, which often reach the level of highly complex systems, are being designed and manufactured are being developed at the Merate plant.

For over 30 years Paladon Systems has been supplying valve actuators and control systems on a global basis Since its inception in 1981, Paladon Systems has continuously developed its design, engineering, organizational, quality and management capabilities. Paladon Systems’ vast experience with supporting the Oil, Gas and Power industries with valve automation solutions for the most critical applications in extreme operating environments has resulted in product designs that offer unsurpassed quality and reliability across all industries and applications. Holding ISO 9001 certification for over 20 years, today Paladon Systems holds accreditation and approvals from almost all major institutes, engineering companies and end users. Headquartered in United Kingdom, Paladon Systems has plats in Italy, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

CheckPoint Pumps & Systems is a leading manufacturer of chemical injection pumps and kits, supplying them worldwide since 1993 through its headquarters in the United States and regional enterprises in Dubai, the United Kingdom and Singapore. CheckPoint Pumps & Systems provides services such as: designing, manufacturing and supplying complete solutions for chemical injection, ranging from single basic pneumatic or electric metering pumps to complete, controlled, automated work systems, including solar ones. The company also provides control and disconnection panels, pressure testing devices, process gas and water treatment packages, and solutions for clean energy.

Haitima BallValveManufacturer wasfoundedin 1984 withcapitaltwenty-fivemillion U.S. Dollars. Through the years, "Perfection" has been the only goal they pursue. In order to satisfy customers, with continuous efforts, they are working towards perfection through a Quality Assurance System, which has given them the ISO9001, API 607 Fire-Safe Approval, CRN Registered and PED 97/23/EC Module H certificate, 3A, TUV/TRD 100, DNV, BV MARINE Certificate, ATEX, TA-Luft, ISO 15848 , REACH, RoHS. With persistence and effort, they have become one of the leading enterprises of valves and fittings in Taiwan and China.
FS is a world leader in the implementation of communication systems and the provision of optical solutions.The company is committed to helping You build, connect, protect and optimize an efficient infrastructure for optical communications. Microsoft, Google, IBM and other well-known companies, FS is the world leader in the fiber optic communication industry. Since its Foundation, the company has been offering services and technical solutions to customers from more than 49 countries and regions of Europe. In an effort to improve the quality of services and products of fiber optic communication, FS since 2009 has been developing integrated solutions, providing high-quality products, service support for global data Centers, cloud computing, urban and wireless networks, as well as access networks. Thanks to the creation of a multi-warehouse system and an increase in inventory in key regions, the Company aims to become a leading global company in the field of fiber optic communications. Always taking into account new trends and innovations, do not stop there and are constantly improving, providing even better service to each client.

Combining cutting edge photonics, advanced AI and edge computing to deliver the world’s most advanced monitoring and asset management solutions. Fotech’s suite of solutions create more efficient organisations by simplifying how assets are monitored and managed – automating once challenging activities and delivering new insights to help optimise day-to-day operations. With more than a decade of experience, they continue to innovate, providing the world's leading asset management platforms to help customers meet their critical challenges. Fotech combines talent from the energy and high- tech computing sectors with cutting-edge photonics to deliver world-leading asset management solutions As the preferred provider for customers around the world , their fiber-optic asset management platforms provide a set of dynamic and adaptable solutions for a wide variety of applications. Their diverse and adaptable platform technologies continue to successfully provide invaluable information and value to customers around the world From intelligent traffic management and asset protection to upstream reservoir optimization and pipeline integrity , Fotech works closely with customers to address their specific needs.

Ultrafilter GmbH is owned by the Kronsbein family which have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing of premium purification products. Today, Ultrafilter GmbH is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of purification components and systems for compressed air, technical gases and liquids. Ultrafilter deliver the entire range of products with unique features and this combined with very competitive prices. Main product lines are: – Compressed air filters and filter housings with corresponding condensate management – Process filter and stainless steel filter housings for the food and beverage industry – Refrigeration and adsorption dryers – Filters for technical gases and liquids – Replacement filters for most of the commonly available brands in the market All products are proven and tested according to ISO 9001:2015. In addition all filters are manufactured in Germany in accordance to EC 1935/2004 and FDA regulations and follow ISO 8573-1:2010. With the superior performance and high quality of premium products manufactured by Ultrafilter GmbH in Germany, many worlds renowned, market leading companies have made Ultrafilter GmbH their first choice for the purification of compressed air, technical gases and liquids

The international corporation LEWA is the leading global manufacturer of powerful membrane dosing and diaphragm pumps, technological dosing systems and installations with pressure to 1200 kg/cm2 and also systems of accounting of technological processes. The LEWA group, cooperating with the known world companies, is a developer of revolutionary technologies and proposes to the clients intra-branch complete solutions of high quality. Long-term experience in management of the international projects allows the company to solve difficult (complex) tasks. Effective, in details thought over initially — diaphragm Lewa technologies allow to reach the greatest possible efficiency of the pump on all range of regulation. Two decisive factors — high quality of products and huge attention to qualification requirements, the accuracy of dispensing and reliable fluid supply – pledge of quality products. The equipment of LEWA is successfully used in the oil and gas sector (production, transportation and processing), in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industries, by production of plastic and also at odorization of natural gas.

The Company “LCM ITALIA SPA” L.C.M. Italia S.p.A., established in 1986, is a fast-growing Company specialized in the design and production of API 6D and API 6A Floating and Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves for Oil, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pipeline, Natural Gas and Water Industries, Off-shore and On-shore Plants, all over the world. LCM is located in the town of Vanzaghello, about 20 km (12 miles) north-west of Milan, close to the Malpensa airport area and to the main railway stations, in the industrial heart of Italy . Main products of the company: Compact modular valves with double insulation and double ball wedge valves.

The Flammer GmbH company - is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 is based in the southern Germany, is a producer of backup copies, flame arresters and rectifiers of a stream. Products of production Flammer are used for the analysis, storage, measurement and transportation of gases. From the moment of the foundation in 1996 the company delivers to clients in the country and abroad high-quality products. As the OEM supplier of fireproof means and rectifiers of a stream, the staff of the company could develop economic decisions which comply with high technical requirements and safety requirements of our clients. The purpose - to realize the best decisions both from technical, and from the economic point of view together with clients for both parties.
Pavlodar Plant of Pipeline Fittings LLP – the domestic producer of water section heaters, details of pipelines, branches, steel latches, and also the isolating flange connections of any diameter and pressure. “Pavlodar Plant of Pipeline Valves” LLP is a member of the STACK “Union of producers and exporters of Kazakhstan”, registered as a domestic manufacturer on the website of JSC “National welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna”, during its work has established itself as a steadily growing and reliable company operating in the market for more than five years. The quality of all products is confirmed by certificates of origin CT-KZ and certificates of conformity. Consumers of production are the largest power extracting, oil refining and metallurgical enterprises in the cities of Kazakhstan and other enterprises of different regions of Kazakhstan. Pavlodar Plant of Pipeline Fittings LLP is the guarantor of quality and efficiency.
Hafner-Pneumatik is the manufacturer of a complete range of high-quality pneumatic control valves made in Europe. Hafner-Pneumatik products are not only used in the general automation or the machine-building industries, but also in applications throughout the car, truck and process industries.
The WILO Central Asia production complex is located on more than 2,000 m2, which includes an administrative and office building, a warehouse, a high-tech center for testing pumps, a training center for designers and engineers equipped with the latest equipment, and a service center with individual solutions and technologies for utilities. The local product line includes cantilever, block and well pumps, as well as pressure boosting models.
Donkin Fans specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of standard and pre-engineered axial and centrifugal fans, blowers and accessories including smoke fans, ventilation & roof extract units, and a wide range of domestic and commercial fans. The company is internationally recognised for its ability to design & manufacture standard fans and accessories to the highest standards.
VALCO GROUP FRANCE owns the industrial valves manufacturers Guichon Valves, SNRI, DKTC as well as Valco Valves Services, specialized in the valves maintenance. The group also owns the historic brand Malbranque. Each company has been an expert in its field of activity for several decades. Together they fully control the design, manufacture and maintenance of a wide range of valves addressing the Oil & Gas, LNG, Petrochemicals, Plastics and Polymers and Chemicals applications, as well as the Nuclear and Naval sectors.
A.F.C. (Actuator Fluid Control) is an Italian company founded in 2012. This company specializes in valve actuators, fluid control, and fluid transportation. A.F.C. production certified, and these products can be applied in Kazakhstan too. You can also order certificates by special requirements, or require existing Certificate 2.1., 2.2., 3.1., etc.

This company relatively new on the market and can provide complete quality variants such type of actuators as Scotch Yoke, Rack and pinion, Helical Slot, and also standard linear actuators.
FRIEDRICH Schwingtechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of vibrator motors and a pioneer in the field of vibration technology. Ever since the company was founded in 1973, it has focused on technical advice, development and best service for our customers. The variety of types and special designs for the most diverse applications resulted in one of the most comprehensive and best-structured motor programs currently available on the international market. This automated CNC production takes place at the plant in Olsberg. Company acquires the semi-finished products and services that go into motors and unbalance exciters primarily from quality German, and to some extent, European suppliers.